Urban Threads Embroidery

UT 11651 Wanderlust - Sun

UT 11651 Wanderlust – Sun

Urban Threads Embroidery patterns are edgy, cute and awesome!

Urban threads offers a monthly free embroidery design which allows an embroidery enthusiast to check out the quality of their designs.  Every week on Fridays they start sale on different themes where you can get designs for $1.29-$1.59 US each or they might have discounts on the design sets.  Their website also has links to projects with their designs.

Check them out on Instagram @urbanthreadsemb.

Here is a look at some of the embroidery designs I have purchased from Urban Threads Embroidery.  If you want anything customized, here are some of the designs I own.  If you want another design, the cost of the design will be added to your purchase.  I use Pinterest to create boards with links to the designs and their thread colour lists, this way I can keep track of my designs and have a quick link to the thread colour list!




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