Hot/Cold Rice Bags

Often I come home from work and my body is aching and cold.  When I want to crawl into bed after a night shift, I use a heated rice bag to warm up my body and speed up falling to sleep.  One of my coworkers had a bad toothache and used a frozen rice back around her jaw.  Another coworker, used the rice bag on her eyes to block out the light and provide gentle pressure on her head to promote sleep.

The size of the rice bag is 8″X20″.  The weight of the rice is ~ 1.1 kg (6 cups of dry rice).  There is a double layer of fabric – the inner layer is 100 % cotton and the outer layer is a soft printed flannel (customizable).

No embroidery – Each rice bag is $20.

Customized embroidery – Each rice bag is $30.

Contact for flannel selection and embroidery options.

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